Wild Turkey | Bayfront Living

 “Wild Turkey” What images do these words evoke for you? The first Thanksgiving? A snort of bourbon perhaps? During a recent jog in Cape Story, I was rounding the corner from the bike path, onto Beech Street. At first sight, having left my glasses at home, I thought I saw a toddler in the street.  As the mysterious toddler came into focus, I recognized the wild turkey I had seen in photos taken in my own yard, my husband documenting the presence of an unusual neighborhood mascot…the sociable wild turkey. Native American folklore correlates animal sightings with messages for us, depending on the animal’s traits. In my own experience, if an unusual animal appears suddenly or continues to appear, I become curious about what the Divine might be trying to convey. Here is what the Wild Turkey symbolizes, which is I believe is an appropriate message for our times. Turkey reminds us to be grateful for what nourishes us in body, mind and spirit. We are reminded to be willing to sacrifice for one another, to appreciate the blessings we share in community and Autumn harvest. As we enter this season, I invite you to join me in pondering these questions:

How am I engaging with my community?

How am I sharing my blessings?

What seeds have I sown that are now ready for harvest?

What a gift to be inspired to consider our blessings and how we can share them with one another in our unique Bayfront Community!