Elements and the Chesapeake Bay | Bayfront Living

Earth, wind, fire, and water. Throughout the ages, people on nearly every spiritual path have embraced these four basic elements in nature as a constant reminder of Divine Presence. No matter which path you follow, I invite you to contemplate that “Something Greater” by standing with me on the shore of our Chesapeake Bay. On any given day, the elements greet us in profuse welcome.… Imagine with me, standing on the shoreline on a glorious day in October.

Feel the earth under your feet supporting you, telling you that even though sand may shift, you are grounded in the Love that created the universe. Do you feel supported by the Divine? In what ways do you need support?

The wind is a reminder of Spirit, Breath, Presence…how do you perceive the life-giving breath of the Divine in your life?

The fire of sunshine…always there, even if obscured by clouds. Where do you need Light or Inspiration? Can you sense the warmth of Loving Presence?

The Expanse of Water… this life-sustaining, thirst-quenching element can carry us in its flow, wash over us, soothing our bodies, minds, and spirits. Where in your life might you seek the thirst-quenching nature of Life-Giving Water?

This month, as nature cycles to a season of folding inward, I invite you to spend some time by the bay. Even if you can’t be there physically, perhaps taking a walk in your imagination. May you see yourself grounded in Love, inspired by the Breath of Life, warmed with a sense of Divine Presence and carried by Living Water.