Spiritual Direction

So what exactly is Spiritual Direction and how can a director help? Believing that the Holy Spirit directs each session and connects you with your deepest inner knowing. Non-judgmental, listening companionship on your journey with God. Perhaps the words of Rev. Carol Vaccariello can bring even more clarity.

“We all are spiritually hungry. We all need someone to walk with us. To journey with us. To give us the courage, to give us the incentive, to give us the inspiration. And that’s what a spiritual director is. That’s what we do.”

Kristy graduated from the two-year RUAH School of Spiritual Guidance at Richmond Hill Retreat Center, in Richmond, VA. Her certification in spiritual direction, combined with twenty years in women’s ministry that has encompassed Bible study, Christ-centered yoga, massage therapy, journaling prayer, and spiritual art has come full circle.

“The deepest desire of my heart is to come alongside others as they explore God’s presence in their lives.”

Perhaps the greatest wealth you possess, the most precious, valuable gift you can ever hope to offer any human being, is this one simple, true thing: YOU. Your presence. Showing up. Being in the company of another, undistracted, unhurried, with an open heart, gentle hands, and a patient soul. Willing and able to listen, do something or do nothing, willing to be surprised by whatever emerges in the soul of your present, loving company with another human being.

-Wayne Muller, A Life of Being, Having, and Doing Enough

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So how do you access this service?

Individual Spiritual Direction sessions are available in 1-hour increments and payments are by donation.

Don’t let physical distance be an issue. Sessions will also be available through Skype or Facebook Messaging Video Chat. A phone call, text, or email is necessary to set that up. Your story is important!

Please call Kristy with your questions. God bless! 757-679-0199

Payment can be sent directly through Paypal