A Prayer For Lighting the Candle

At first the darker, colder days in winter can seem a respite from the warmer, fiery days of summer and fall. But when it remains gray and cold outside for

Living From Center

I want to live from center…from that space deep within where I am face to face with the Father, who is Love, Jesus my Savior, Friend, Love, Holy Spirit…Power, Sanctifier,

Rite of Passage …Thoughts of Gratitude

Rite of Passage… Thoughts of Gratitude… One of the affirmations I often receive following a blog post is my willingness to be authentic. Well OK, hold on to your clear

Old Friends

Old friends…some we let go of…some the flow of life has just carried us down stream of…They were ours for a season…we have great memories and we learned so much

Canyons of the Heart

1998 in the Grand Canyon. It was the first time I thought of it. My family…husband, two youngest daughters and my son… and myself, in a helicopter…flitting and zooming above