Discombobulation… If you are not familiar with this word, here are some helpful synonyms from www.synonym.com : bewilder flummox confound disorientate dumbfound disconcert mystify befuddle vex confuse stupefy demoralize perplex disorient. In this season most of us have experienced daily discombobulation!   ”What day IS IT??” Has become a common question around our house. The next question might be, how can one “re-combobulate”? One way is to intentionally observe a sacred pause. This involves choosing a moment in your daily routine that serves to bring  you home to yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. It doesn’t have to be complicated. As a matter of fact, it can be as simple as mindfully lighting a candle or pouring your coffee with awareness.  Choosing to make this brief ritual a turning point in your day can shift your thoughts and feelings in a positive direction. Especially when we feel ungrounded, taking a moment in our day  to be present to ourselves and the Divine can provide comfort and an awareness that we can be deliberate about our choices. Include a prayer or an inspirational reading to make it even more powerful.  Which ordinary moment in your day might you choose as your moment of sacred re-combobulation?