Bayfront Living – August 2022

Well, this month my head and heart are swirling. I was tempted to forego writing this month until I hada thought…. that thought being, “ So many miracles”. In the

Bayfront Living – July 2022

Every night during my childhood, without fail, as I snuggled under the covers, my mother led me in bedtime prayers. The foundation for our prayer was the classic, “Now I

Bayfront Living – June 2022

Practice, practice, practice. That is the punch line for the old riddle, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?” There is also the ever- popular aphorism,” You know, practice makes

Magical May: Grief and Hope

Happy “Magical May”! This is my ongoing annual moniker for this month of historically sparkling, sultry days. In May it seems our world on the bay begins its annual blossoming

April 2022 Community Spirit

We usually don’t associate the month of April with the desert. In our bayfront climate, thoughts of arid wasteland… scorching heat, poisonous snakes, prickly cacti, a scarcity of water would