Embodied Prayer

Last month we embarked on an exploration of prayer, which in simplest form, is speaking and listening to a Higher Power. In this limited space, let’s touch on some ideas

Layers of Prayer

Last month I spoke of prayer as a spiritual compass with which to navigate life. So why not jump right in with a topic, in this limited space, that folks

A Time for Everything

Bayfront Living Magazine – September 2022 Harvesting what was seed in spring…Buds of grief…Now lush along a ripeningpath.Some remain enfolded, poised to ambush,Blossoms bursting…Mystery of the journeyHas become the reality

Bayfront Living – August 2022

Well, this month my head and heart are swirling. I was tempted to forego writing this month until I hada thought…. that thought being, “ So many miracles”. In the

Bayfront Living – July 2022

Every night during my childhood, without fail, as I snuggled under the covers, my mother led me in bedtime prayers. The foundation for our prayer was the classic, “Now I